[Bioperl-l] volunteers needed for Bioperl

Brian Osborne brian_osborne at cognia.com
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Your wish to assist is much apprciated. This list occasionally gets messages
like yours, offers to help. What's odd is that these offer letters
frequently go unanswered! There are a few reasons for this, one reason is
that there are many different things one could do, so where to start?
Another reason is that people usually work on matters of personal interest,
so the question might be "what are you interested in working on?".

Finally, remember that there are no terms and conditions or applications,
this is a volunteer open source effort where scientists and programmers have
worked to create something useful for themselves and for others.

Would you like to work on the test suite? We need that. Would you like to
fix bugs? There are a fair number of these. Would you like to work on
documentation? There are certainly things to do in that area as well, and
writing forces one to learn the material.

Brian O.

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Dear Bioperl team
    We are a group of biologists/biochemists with
experience in Bioinformatics operating out of India.
We are interested in extending our services to
interested groups. Could you please let us know as to
which specific aspect in which  you would require some
help? Then I can talk to my team and let you know.
Also please let me know the terms and conditions that
may apply for such an activity.
    Please get back at  your earliest convenience.
Thanks and regards
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