[Bioperl-l] blastall call crashed

Joke Reumers joke.reumers at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 07:58:50 EST 2005


While trying to setup psort-B, I get a crash from bioperl 
(StandAloneBlast) calling blast:
MSG: blastall call crashed:
I've searched the mailing list archives, and the problem seems to have 
occurred before, but the solutions offered (setting the blast 
environment variables etc) are not sufficient to solve this problem. So 
before I start to dig, I would like to know if anyone solved it on 
their own?
BTW, I installed the soft on both MacOS X and linux (gentoo) , so it 
doesn't seem to depend on  OS...

best regards & thanks in advance,
Joke Reumers 

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