[Bioperl-l] gff to embl or genbank

Jianli Dai jldai at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 9 16:23:04 EST 2005

I am trying to combine a gff file and a fasta to an
embl or genbank file. I have tried Marc Logghe's
It converts every exon into 1 feature. I want to
combined them into 1 gene which has several locations
of exons. I have tried to put exons into a
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::GeneStructure object and then
add_SeqFeature to the Bio::SeqIO fasta sequence. It
gave me this error:"MSG:
Bio::SeqFeature::Generic=HASH(0x8012b8) does not
implement Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::ExonI". Please help.

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