[Bioperl-l] DEBUGGED Remoteblast from Bio::Perl through proxy..cont

CHANDAN SINGH chandan.kr.singh at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 16:00:15 EDT 2005

sorry for the reduplication of the mail but i had forgot to mention 
the  more  bugging bug which is How come ,others dont get this problem or 
have i misunderstood something .
do reply  

Hi eveybody
Those of u ,having problem in blasting sequences from Bio::Perl module through
proxy  and getting
                             "time  out "  or  " no route to host " errors
do  need to set the  environment proxy variable ( hello smarty we all know it )
and just give the following argument
                                                    ( env_proxy => 1 )
                 $self->{'_ua'} = new LWP::UserAgent(  );
             $self->{'_ua'} = new LWP::UserAgent( env_proxy => 1 );

in  the following sub in Bio::Tools::Run::RemoteBlast.pm
sub ua {
   my ($self, $value) = @_;
   if( ! defined $self->{'_ua'} ) {
       $self->{'_ua'} = new LWP::UserAgent(  );
       my $nm = ref($self);
       $nm =~ s/::/_/g;
   return $self->{'_ua'};
I saw this bug in the stable version and also in the one downloaded
from CVS yesterday .

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