[Bioperl-l] Entrez Gene parser questions

Mingyi Liu mingyi.liu at gpc-biotech.com
Thu Jun 9 09:55:56 EDT 2005

Brian Osborne wrote:

>>Stefan and Mingyi should fix whatever is needed to silence those
>>warnings. (No offense please)
>Yes, I should support Hilmar here. When we are working through the full test
>suite before a formal release our goal has always been to eliminate all
>errors *and* warnings, not just  errors.
>Brian O.
Hi, Brian & Hilmar,

I think both of you misunderstood (or missed part of) the previous email 
exchanges between Stefan and me and jumped to conclusion too soon.  In 
my previous email, it began with "Stefan's right in suggesting you turn 
off -w, which would make your script work.", which likely led to your 
worries.  But that's totally unnecessary - this is just a temporary 
solution suggested to end user.  It is not a suggestion that we will not 
fix it or end user should change their programming habit.

In fact, if you please read on, in the latter part of the same message, 
I suggested a fix that would fix the problem end user saw, which Stefan 
immediately responded that he'd incorporate it.  I'm sure Stefan would 
get rid of those annoying "use of unitialized value" warnings too.  
That's the long term solution we proposed and (to be) implemented to fix 
the issue raised by end user.  So truly there's no reason to worry or 
take sides here.  We don't really have a difference in our user support 
approaches, despite our apparent different attitudes towards the 
importance of '-w' switch. :)


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