[Bioperl-l] Entrez Gene parser questions

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at gmx.net
Thu Jun 9 20:55:17 EDT 2005

Guys, don't over-inflate this. I said no offense intended, Stefan said 
none taken, so why don't we discontinue this thread and you guys just 
fix it at some point. OK?


On Jun 9, 2005, at 9:55 PM, Mingyi Liu wrote:

> Brian Osborne wrote:
>> Bioperl,
>>> Stefan and Mingyi should fix whatever is needed to silence those
>>> warnings. (No offense please)
>> Yes, I should support Hilmar here. When we are working through the 
>> full test
>> suite before a formal release our goal has always been to eliminate 
>> all
>> errors *and* warnings, not just  errors.
>> Brian O.
> Hi, Brian & Hilmar,
> I think both of you misunderstood (or missed part of) the previous 
> email exchanges between Stefan and me and jumped to conclusion too 
> soon.  In my previous email, it began with "Stefan's right in 
> suggesting you turn off -w, which would make your script work.", which 
> likely led to your worries.  But that's totally unnecessary - this is 
> just a temporary solution suggested to end user.  It is not a 
> suggestion that we will not fix it or end user should change their 
> programming habit.
> In fact, if you please read on, in the latter part of the same 
> message, I suggested a fix that would fix the problem end user saw, 
> which Stefan immediately responded that he'd incorporate it.  I'm sure 
> Stefan would get rid of those annoying "use of unitialized value" 
> warnings too.  That's the long term solution we proposed and (to be) 
> implemented to fix the issue raised by end user.  So truly there's no 
> reason to worry or take sides here.  We don't really have a difference 
> in our user support approaches, despite our apparent different 
> attitudes towards the importance of '-w' switch. :)
> Mingyi
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