[Bioperl-l] how to get entries from swiss-prot

michael watson (IAH-C) michael.watson at bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Jun 21 05:56:51 EDT 2005

I just did an SRS all text search of swissprot at the EBI:

Query "(([swissprot-AllText:phage*] & [swissprot-AllText:organelle*]) | [swissprot-AllText:phage organelle*]) " found 1 entries

Even searching the whole of uniprot only throws up two entries.

So either SRS isn't working as expected, or you don't really have much of a problem here....

Failing that, you can use the Bio::DB::Query interface to search the protein database at the NCBI - doing a quick search, entrez throws out 9 results for phage organelle :-)

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Dear All,

I'd like to download all entries in swiss-prot with keywords "phage 
organelle", any package I can use for this purpose? Thanks.

 B. Cao
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