[Bioperl-l] pubmed article download and storing in object

Allen Day allenday at ucla.edu
Mon Jun 27 14:26:30 EDT 2005

try Bio::DB::Biblio::eutils.  it doesn't give back an object, but gives 
back an xml document.

to any volunteers out there looking for something to contribute: this
would be an easy place to jump in and add something useful to bioperl.  
you'd have a chance to learn a bit of pubmed query language and xml dom


On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Zack Napalm wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new at Bioperl and wondering whether there is a possibility to scrape 
> articles from PubMed automatically, and put them into an 
> Bio::Biblio::PubmedArticle object.
> I don't want to scrape them via LWP::Simple get and put them into an object 
> manually, if there is a appropriate function predefined.
> regards
> johnny
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