[Bioperl-l] HOWTO: fix the broken left margin in all HOWTO pdfs from http://bioperl.org/HOWTOs/

Cook, Malcolm MEC at Stowers-Institute.org
Mon Jun 27 18:36:15 EDT 2005


This article http://www.e-novative-forum.com/article21.htm suggests to
me that patching /bioperl-live/doc/howto/sgml/stylesheet/e-novative.xsl
as follows is in order

Line 367 (e-novative.xsl): 
- <xsl:param name="title.margin.left">0</xsl:param> 
+ <xsl:param name="title.margin.left">0cm</xsl:param> 

as it will fix the broken left margin in all the great HOWTO pdfs (which
print out lousy this way)!

Can someone prove this patch and if indeed this fixes problem is it
possible to release fixed pdfs (with good margins) at



Malcolm Cook - mec at stowers-institute.org - 816-926-4449
Database Applications Manager - Bioinformatics
Stowers Institute for Medical Research - Kansas City, MO  USA 

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