[Bioperl-l] need some help about pqs

Barry Moore barry.moore at genetics.utah.edu
Mon Mar 7 18:03:29 EST 2005


I'll take a stab at this.  If I understand correctly you want to get 
about pdb files for 6,000 proteins.  There is a perl script on the PDB 
website that will download PDB, mmCIF, structure factors, NMR restraints 
files from the database.  You can find that here:



Dear sir,

Im student of Bioinformatics
                    ,sir im sending u ,a problem which im facing at this
time , in PQS, it is attached with this mail,
 the problem is ..
1 . i have 6000 proteins which i selected for my research ( see attachment
as list_id ), in first case i run it on pqs page  of pdb id ,which give me
out put in     2. for mate  & then on going to   3ed step it will give me
result in  .mol file , which was i needed .

 It is all correct , but it is good for 100 or 200 proteins , it can be
done manually , but for more than 6000 proteins it is ,tedious  job , so ,
 can u help me to do this job by any other method other than manually , or
is their any script for downloading all these files.

              waiting for reply ..


        Ashish Kumar Jaiswal
        c/o Dr. Balaji Prakash
        Structural Biology Lab,
        Department of Biological Sciences
        and Bioengineering,
        Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur,
        UP-208016, INDIA

        Ph:  +91-512-2594024
        FAX: +91-512-2594010
        Email: jaiswal at iitk.ac.in

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