[Bioperl-l] Mysql columns and Blast evalues

davila davila at ioc.fiocruz.br
Wed Mar 9 21:42:55 EST 2005

Hi All,
Not sure you already discussed this but I was not able to find anything by using google...
I am trying to store parsed Blast e-values (parsed with SearchIO) into mysql tables (MyISAM), the column in question is double(11,2)... would it be ok for really small e-values (eg: 1e-197) ? I am using MySQL 4.1.10 and only see "0" (zero) in the tables... when I set the column to double(11,3) then can see smaller evalues (like the above mentioned) ...
Another problem is to print in the screen those evalues, actually we are using CGI and sprintf like this:
$e_value = sprintf ( "%0.1e", $blast_hits->[$i][2]/1e200 );
But can only see values as "0.0e+00" in the screen... 
Any tips, would be greatly appreciated.
Kindest regards, Alberto

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