[Bioperl-l] Getting IC & Consensus with Bio::Matrix::PSM::SiteMatrix

Stefan Kirov skirov at utk.edu
Mon Mar 14 08:15:43 EST 2005

The rules for too low are:
single base probability>0.7; combination of two>0.8 and three>0.9 for 
IUPAC consensus and >0.5 for simple consensus. Actually you can 
recalculate the consensus by doing:
$matrix->_calculate_consensus(0.45) (naturally will set the consensus at 
0.45). Probably I should document this, though generally speaking this 
method is internal use only. However if you do this, you will have 
A=>0.46,C=>0.01,G=>0.48,T=>0.05) and then you will get A in the 
consensus (which is obviously incorrect, first base to surpass the 
thresh). I can fix this, but do you really want to get in your consensus 
a position with proba less than 0.5? If you use IUPAC you will get H 
(A+T+C). We can easily add IC calculating method if you really need it.
Please let me know if you have further questions.

James Thompson wrote:

>1. There is no code in SiteMatrix (or any of other other Bio::Matrix::PSM modules
>as far as I know) that calculates information content for you. It's assumed to
>provided as a parameter to the constructor rather than calculated by the
>SiteMatrix object itself.
>2. I don't know the exact reasoning behind this implementation for calculating
>ambiguity, but here's the algorithm to calculate the consensus for an individual
>   - Take the frequencies for a given position, multiply them all by ten and divide
>   by the total number of characters at that position. In your example for the third
>   position, we would transform these numbers:
>   { A => 3, T => 6, C => 2, G => 1 }
>   into this set of numbers:
>   { A => 2.5, T => 3, C => 1.667, G => 0.833 }
>   - If none of these numbers are above the threshold (which defaults to 5),
>   then return an N for this position.
>This algorithm is in the _to_cons method of the Bio::Matrix::PSM::SiteMatrix module
>if you'd like to take a peek.
>I'll defer your other questions to Stefan and the rest of the list. :)
>James Thompson
>On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, Edward Wijaya wrote:
>>Why my code below fails to return the IC values?
>>I thought the method is able to do that.
>>Is there anything I miss here?
>>My second question is about"consensus" method.
>>The consensus is generated by choosing the highest probability OR *N if  
>>prob is too low*
>>1. How do you define when the probability is *too low*?
>>2. What is the reasoning behind this implementation?
>>    e.g. Why my code below gives 'TANGTA' instead of "TATGTA"?
>>I find this particular module is very very useful.
>>I really wish I can make best use of it.
>>Thanks so much for your time.
>>Hope to hear from you again.
>>Edward WIJAYA
>>#!/usr/bin/perl -w
>>use strict;
>>use Data::Dumper;
>>use Bio::Matrix::PSM::SiteMatrix;
>>      #Frequency matrix
>>      my  @pA = (2,19,3,6,8,10);
>>      my  @pT = (7,3,6,2,20,5);
>>      my  @pC = (1,2,2,1,1,1);
>>      my  @pG = (3,1,1,9,8,7);
>>my %param =( -pA=>\@pA,-pC=>\@pC,-pG=>\@pG,-pT=>\@pT);
>>my $site=new Bio::Matrix::PSM::SiteMatrix(%param);
>>my $consensus = $site->consensus;
>>my $ic = $site->IC; #Why it fails here?
>>print Dumper $ic;
>>print Dumper $consensus;

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