[Bioperl-l] strange error after changing to RC1.5

Elia Stupka elia at tigem.it
Sat Mar 12 05:08:08 EST 2005

>> *Every single bit* of those changes need to be rolled back from the
>> release and if nobody else has done it by then I will do so in two
>> weeks.
> Fine for the 1.5.1 branch, although I don't agree that this should be 
> done
> on the main trunk.

I couldn't agree more with Hilmar. I am writing this comment almost as 
an outsider considering my minor development involvement in bioperl 
since 1.4 was rolled out. As an external observer I can assure you that 
the 1.5 changes are causing a lot of trouble in the real world, many of 
which you don't get on the mailing list. Quite a few people are keeping 
1.4 for their day to day work and using 1.5 only when it is required 
(e.g. gbrowse). Bioperl, because of its wide usage by a non-developer 
crowd has most definitely become the sort of project where code 
elegance and efficiency and conceptual issues are much less of a 
priority than stability and usability.


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