[Bioperl-l] query

Andreas Kahari ak at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Mar 14 11:02:23 EST 2005

I might be a bit naïve, but wouldn't this be solved by putting
all sequences in one file and then blasting it against itself?

I didn't quite get the part where you mention the coding of
proteins, but maybe someone else knows exactly what you mean...


On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 07:29:30AM -0600, Mane, Ajay (UMR-Student) wrote:
> Hi,
> I am Ajay from University of Missouri - Rolla, doing research in
> bioinformatics. The bl2seq tool takes 2 sequences to align. I am
> interested in a list of sequences and want to compare them. Instead of
> putting 2 at a time, I have a large list of pairs to be analysed. How do
> I automate the process. Everytime running the tool and manually looking
> for the point where the coding of proteins start is time consuming. Can
> I write a perl file to automate the process. Can I get any help on this.
> I have gone through the bioperl modules, but could not find on bl2seq. 

Andreas Kähäri


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