[Bioperl-l] strange error after changing to RC1.5

Aaron J. Mackey amackey at pcbi.upenn.edu
Mon Mar 14 11:57:23 EST 2005

Elia Stupka wrote:

> As an external observer I can assure you that 
> the 1.5 changes are causing a lot of trouble in the real world, many of 
> which you don't get on the mailing list. Quite a few people are keeping 
> 1.4 for their day to day work and using 1.5 only when it is required 
> (e.g. gbrowse).

So how can we possibly address these issues if we don't know about them? 
  1.5 is a developer's, not stable release.  It wouldn't surprise me 
that "critical" code bases are not ready to use 1.5

> Bioperl, because of its wide usage by a non-developer 
> crowd has most definitely become the sort of project where code elegance 
> and efficiency and conceptual issues are much less of a priority than 
> stability and usability.

So is BioPerl a stable project, or a dead project?  BioPerl has hardly 
ever been (greatly) concerned with usability ...


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