[Bioperl-l] help me with Bio-Tools-PSort-2.0.4

Remo Sanges sanges at biogem.it
Thu Mar 17 09:49:58 EST 2005

On Mar 17, 2005, at 3:24 PM, sasalacolla@@libero..it wrote:

> Reading the configuration
> instructions of this module i set the following environmental 
> variables in
> bashrc:
> export PSORT_ROOT='/usr/local/psort'
> export PSORT_HMMTOP='/home/sandro/Inst_tools_Rev_Vacc/PSORTb/hmmtop2.1'
> export PSORT_PFTOOLS='/usr/bin'
> export BLASTDIR='/usr/bin'
> since blastall is located in my machine in /usr/bin/blastall.
> I tried to solve the problem setting in bashrc:
> export BLASTDATADIR='/conf/analysis/sclblast/gramneg'.
> Anyway nothing changed in the error message, and nothing changes even 
> setting
> absurd addresses for BLASTDATADIR!
> Any suggestion? thank you all,guys

Sorry my fault....
Our coffe' machine is broken... ;-)

BLASTDATADIR should point to the 'data' directory of
your blast installation, that one in which you have the
matrixes used by blast binaries.



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