[Bioperl-l] Laboratory Automation Control using Perl

Neil Benn benn at cenix-bioscience.com
Tue Nov 1 11:22:04 EST 2005


          I am guest editing an issue of the Journal of the Association 
for Laboratory Automation which is focusing on the strengths/weaknesses 
and application examples of various computer languages in the field of 
automation control moving up the process chain to the level of 
interaction with DB systems (but not actual data interpretation, mining, 
etc).  The common languages in this field are Python, C#, C++ however I 
would like to include some languages which are not commonly used in this 
field.  Therefore I would like to discover if there are any such 
applications someone has written in Perl in this field.  If you have any 
examples of such an application (I don't need the code or a working 
copy, just an description) please could you let me know.

    If you have done work in this area and would be willing to submit a 
technical article to the journal, even better - please contact me.

    Finally, please could you respond to my email directly 
(benn at cenix-bioscience.com), I'm having problems joining the bio-perl 
list (the confirmation request e-mail won't come through).

    Thanks for your time.




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