[Bioperl-l] Bioperl-ext (staden::read) install issues

Chris Papadopoulos papadop at uga.edu
Fri Nov 4 10:08:52 EST 2005

Hi all,
Running bioperl 1.4 on Mac OS 10.4.2.
Installed the Inline modules, copied .h files to /usr/local/include/ 
Here's the directory, probably has more than it needs (just got  
frustrated and dumped 'em all):
Read.h            compression.h     open_trace_file.h tar_format.h
abi.h             config.h          os.h              traceType.h
acconfig.h        error.h           plain.h           translate.h
alf.h             expFileIO.h       scf.h             xalloc.h
array.h           fpoint.h          scf_extras.h      ztr.h
calc_crc.h        mach-io.h         seqIOABI.h
compress.h        misc.h            seqIOCTF.h

For brevity's sake, please refer to the message dated Thu Apr 1  
13:02:01 EST 2004 from Barry Moore entitled:
[Bioperl-l] Trouble installing bioperl-ext / Bio::SeqIO::staden::read

I'm having the exact same problem and my make output is virtually  
identical. I specified the location of IOLIB_LIB and IOLIB_INC for  
Makefile.PL as suggested.

I would appreciate anyone's help here.
Chris Papadopoulos

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