[Bioperl-l] biosql & bioperl-db on Solaris

Mike Muratet muratem at eng.uah.edu
Tue Nov 15 14:57:29 EST 2005


This is not strictly a bioperl or biosql issue, but is related. In the 
process of trying to install bioperl-db on a Solaris 9 system, I had to go 
back and install the latest bioperl, DBI, AND DBD modules. The DBD install 
via CPAN is failing for an ELF64 incompatibility when it tries to link to 
the mysql client libs because I also installed the 
latest 64bit mysql. According to the mysql docs, 64bit is 4% slower 
than the 32bit version, but you get more threads and memory (which would 
seem to be faster in the long run).

Although I have installed gcc and gnu make, CPAN is picking up the native 
Sun compiler (and why do they spread things out over so many 
subdirectories?) and linker.

Has anyone else come up against this before (I didn't find anything in the 
archives)? Is the best course to install a 32bit mysql? Should I forgo 
CPAN and try to do a manual install where I might have some control over 
Makefile.PL? Has anybody tried biosql on a 64bit system and does it make a 



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