[Bioperl-l] need info

Barry Moore bmoore at genetics.utah.edu
Thu Nov 17 12:50:55 EST 2005


This is the place to hang out if you are interested in helping with the
bioperl project.  My suggestion would be to get bioperl and some of it's
accessory programs installed on you computer.  Start running some of
scripts that are installed with it, follow this list and maybe even look
over the list archives for the last couple months.  It shouldn't take
long to see areas where help is needed.  If you are already familiar
with bioperl, you could jump in right away by looking through the bug
list at http://bugzilla.bioperl.org/.  Thanks for your interest.


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> dear sir
> i am niraj shrestha from Nepal. currently i am teaching at Kathmandu
> University. i am graduated from the university in 2001 in computer
> & engineering. my research interest is in bioinformatics, parallel and
> distributed network, semantic web.
> so if i can help or can do some work for bio-pearl then i am ready for
> that.
> looking forward to your kind suggestions.
> with regards,
> _____________________________________
> Niraj Shrestha
> Department of Computer Science & Engineering
> Kathmandu University,
> Dhulikhel, Nepal
> P.O.Box: 6250, Kathmandu, Nepal
> email: niraj at ku.edu.np, niraj_sh at hotmail.com, niraj_sh at yahoo.com
> website: http://ku.edu.np/~niraj
> _______________________________________________
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