[Bioperl-l] producing an organism report from BLAST results?

Tim Reid timreid at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 13:49:19 EST 2005

i am trying to reproduce the NCBI's html organism report of BLAST results,
but i can't figure out how they obtain taxonomy information for each hit.

as far as i can tell this information is not contained within a hit object,
although it is sometimes embedded in the description string.

i have looked at the Bio::Taxonomy::FactoryI interface, which would appear
to offer some sort of solution by way of passing the entire description
string to the fuzzy_search method, but i cannot seem to find an
implementation for this interface.

also, Bio::DB::Taxonomy::entrez seemed promising except that it does not
appear to return any results when passed a description string.

i would appreciate some help. how does the NCBI's organism report generator

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