[Bioperl-l] Problem while downloading bioperl on windows 2000

radhika.narayanan at siritech.com radhika.narayanan at siritech.com
Wed Oct 5 23:42:41 EDT 2005

Dear Sir,
I downloaded the Active perl from
http://www.activestate.com/Products/ActivePerl/ and downloaded the ans also with MSI for windows. I installed active perl
with all default options. I opend a command prompt (Menus Start->Run and
type cmd) and ran the PPM shell (C:\>ppm).

Added two new PPM repositories with the following commands:

      ppm> rep add Bioperl http://bioperl.org/DIST

      ppm> rep add Kobes http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms

      ppm> rep add Bribes http://www.Bribes.org/perl/ppm

After which i gave another command as mentioned in the guide ppm> search
Bioperl. With this command it threw a message saying that it could not find
any matches to bioperl.
Hence now am unable to install bioperl for windows 2000 on my machine.

i shall be greatful if you could  give solutions to solve this problem


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