[Bioperl-l] Please help

Angshu Kar angshu96 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 15:48:27 EDT 2005

Hi ,

I'm completely new to perl. I'm have to work in biology using perl,
postgresql (as database) and clustalw(as the alignment
tool). I'm stating my problem briefly:

In the postgresql db the data is clustered using complete linkage
clustering. I've to connect to that db, fetch those data, feed it to
the multiple alignment tool, run it and show the results.Again,
feed those alignments into a scoring tool and show the results in
form of a histogram.All these needs to be automated using perl.
I've installed bio-perl but can't get how to write code using it.

I'll be obliged if you help me with this by providing the idea of how
to feed the db data (in fasta format) into clustalw.


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