[Bioperl-l] looking for modules to retrieve signals and genomic positton for each probe in the probe set of Affymetrix Array

szhan at uoguelph.ca szhan at uoguelph.ca
Wed Oct 19 10:11:35 EDT 2005

Hello, Bioperl Users,
I am analyzing gene expression raw data (.cel and .cdf file) of Affymetrix
genome gene expression array.
Do you know which bioperl module (or another way) can retrieve the signals and
genomic position for each probe pair in the probe set of th Affymetrix array? I
read the perldoc for Bio::Affymetrix module. It seems that it can only retrieve
the signals for the probe set, not for each probe and its genomic postion. I
also have a problem to install this module (Bio-Affymetrix-0.5.tar) on PC
running Windows XP, Perl 5.8 and Bioperl 1.4.
Any information will be high appreciate!

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