[Bioperl-l] 1.5.1 install on top of old one?

Sam Al-Droubi saldroubi at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 20 12:04:49 EDT 2005


I already have 1.5.0 installed.  Do I just download
and install 1.5.1 on top of the old like such as the
steps outline below or do I need to remove the old
bioperl somehow.  If so, how?

Thank you very much. 

   Download, then unpack the tar file. For example:

     >gunzip bioperl-1.2.tar.gz
     >tar xvf bioperl-1.2.tar
     >cd bioperl-1.2

   Now issue the make commands:

     >perl Makefile.PL
     >make test       

Sam Al-Droubi, M.S.
saldroubi at yahoo.com

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