[Bioperl-l] Make test fails

Richard Adams Richard.Adams at ed.ac.uk
Fri Sep 2 05:12:38 EDT 2005

Yes an  embarassingly large number of the fails are in my own code...
I've not used many of the BioToolsAnalysis modules for a while and they 
can always break at any point depending on
if the format of the output changes....
I'll try to look into them (will be next week)
Regarding the Bio::Graph modules. I was thinking of deleting them from 
CVS unless anybody is finding them useful,
as now that there is an excellent graph module in CPAN my effort is 
somewhat underfeatured and redundant. Plus I've found that everything 
gets dreadfully slow above a few thousand nodes and I've turned to Java 
implementations which are much faster.

Cheers Richard

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Western General Hospital,
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Edinburgh UK

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