[Bioperl-l] Missing SeqIO tests - need example files

Brian Osborne brian_osborne at cognia.com
Tue Sep 6 22:31:51 EDT 2005


A while back I took the general t/SeqIO.t file and split it into separate
test scripts, one per format. This exercise showed that there were a number
of SeqIO formats that weren¹t being tested. On one hand it may be that a
given format is a bit antiquated or little used. However, I don¹t think it¹s
the case that all the formats below are unused.

  36 Bio/SeqIO/tigr.pm
  16 Bio/SeqIO/tigrxml.pm
  48 Bio/SeqIO/bsml.pm
   4 Bio/SeqIO/exp.pm
   8 Bio/SeqIO/fastq.pm
  44 Bio/SeqIO/chadoxml.pm
  20 Bio/SeqIO/chaos.pm
   4 Bio/SeqIO/pln.pm
   4 Bio/SeqIO/chaosxml.pm

If you have a sequence file in any of these formats can you send it to me?
That we¹ll be able to create simple test scripts for all of our important

Thanks again,

Brian O.

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