[Bioperl-l] releasing next week

Barry Moore bmoore at genetics.utah.edu
Fri Sep 9 00:16:56 EDT 2005


BioDBGFF.t failed cause I gave it the wrong Postgres login detail -
can't remember my damn password!
RemoteBlast.t passed when run individually.
RestrictionIO.t failed to open an output file because the directory
didn't exist, and it wasn't clear to me why it should.
Didn't look into tutorial.t failures.

System is Debian Woody, Perl 5.6.1, and fresh live bioperl.

Failed Test       Stat Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of Failed
t/BioDBGFF.t                   138  138 100.00%  1-138
t/RemoteBlast.t      2   512     6    1  16.67%  2
t/RestrictionIO.t               14    1   7.14%  10
t/tutorial.t       255 65280    21    6  28.57%  19-21
122 subtests skipped.
Failed 4/215 test scripts, 98.14% okay. 143/9892 subtests failed, 98.55%


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All tests pass for me on two different machines.

If you have any reason for the 1.5.1 release to not happen next week,  
please speak up now.  I'm trying to time it with the GMOD Gbrowse  
release so people can feel comfortable upgrading to bioperl 1.5 and  
the latest Gbrowse at the same time.

The only test failing for me to DBCUTG.t this seems  to be a  
webserver error - perhaps they have changed their interface?  This is  
rather minor so I won't let it hold up the release if no one looks at  
it before next week.

I'm choosing to ignore the "" overloading in SeqFeature/Annotation  
objects for 1.5.1.  Similarly, adding additional seqfeature tests are  
going to be on the backburner for this release but need to be done  
before the 1.6 release.

I'd like to see if we can help Brian with the SeqIO test overhaul.   
This seems like the only other outstanding issue.

My feeling is the TypedSeqFeature implementation can wait, perhaps in  
a future 1.5.x in prep for 1.6.

I'm thinking I will try and put a release candidate up by Monday and  
release as soon as a few people have tested it out.  Please do me a  
favor and do a fresh CVS checkout and run make test on your own  
machines to see what else still needs work.

Jason Stajich
Duke University

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