[Bioperl-l] Bio::Tools::Run::TribeMCL

Albert Vilella avilella at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 10:41:15 EDT 2005

> How
> can I make it put the output in the directory the program was called -
> is there a flag I can add to the @params ??

Hi all,

Jason and myself were considering to convert the tempdir method in
Bio::Tools::Run::WrapperBase in a setter/getter, so that instead of
getting a random tempdir, one could set the tempdir to a defined value:

Something like:

sub tempdir{
   my ($self) = @_;
## Add the setter part here
    return $self->{'_tmpdir'} = shift if @_;
   unless( $self->{'_tmpdir'} ) {
       $self->{'_tmpdir'} = $self->io->tempdir(CLEANUP => !
$self->save_tempfiles );
   unless( -d $self->{'_tmpdir'} ) { 

Jason: How do you want the CLEANUP part to behave if the tempdir is
setted? The same way as save_tempfiles?



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