[Bioperl-l] In silico Chromosome Walking

Ferdinand Marletaz ferdinand.marletaz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 05:58:32 EDT 2005


I'd like to find a script to make a kind of chromosome walking in  
matching pieces of cDNA on Traces of a Genome in order to find whole  
gene sequence from a little degenerate PCR fragment (100-500 pb).   
I've heard about  GenoTrace but it seems impossible to get it on the  
internet (link doesn't work http://rat.niob.knaw.nl/GENOTRACE/)  and  
I haven't understood if it requires full length cDNA or if it can  
work with shorter sequences (it would be possible to run GenScan on  
the previously obtained contig...)

Does anybody have the source of GenoTrace or an idea for my problem.

Thank you very much


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