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Stefan Kirov skirov at utk.edu
Wed Sep 21 14:29:39 EDT 2005

One more thing- there HTML leftovers in All_Data, I an not sure about H. 
sapiens though. Also there are only 10K genes GO annotated for H sapiens 
vs 15K in the previous file. I am sending this to NCBI, but I am not 
user if it is their problem or GO. It seems just to be change in the 
mapping algorith.
Hope all is well with you.

Sean Davis wrote:

>On 9/21/05 1:59 PM, "Mingyi Liu" <mingyi.liu at gpc-biotech.com> wrote:
>>The output error message should be gene2xml's error message
>>(Bio::ASN1::EntrezGene does not depends on other modules and does not
>>produce such error message).  It's either gene2xml did not work as
>>called or the way the pipe was opened caused trouble.  I'll investigated
>>it further.
>You're right.  It was gene2xml.  Typical simple mistake--my path included an
>early version of gene2xml.  Looks like problem solved.
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