[Bioperl-l] About the location of the microRNAs

Alex Zhang mayagao1999 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 21 16:40:20 EDT 2005

Hello! This is Alex.
My current ongoing research project is about the discovery of the expression of all
human microRNAs. 
In particular, I need to gain the information about the location of each Homo sapiens
microRNA on the chromosomes. For example, I need the information like:
Id                   Chromosome       Start     End 
hsa-mir-200b           1             1142407   1142501 
hsa-mir-200a           1             1143166   1143255 
hsa-mir-429             1             1144308   1144390 
hsa-mir-34a             1             9145993   9146102 
hsa-mir-30e             1             40889120  40889211 
Is there a convenient way to get this automatically instead of manually? 
Thank you very much and look forward to your reply!
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