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Hi Rayn:
I have many files containing GeneIDs (entrezgene uid) such as the attached file. And I want to extract the full gene sequence from NCBI, not just CDS. But you script should be helpful. Would you like to share your code here? Thanks! 


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>I have code that does this for Accession #.  If you have the Accession #
>(I assume that's what you mean by GeneID), then  the script will get the
>GenBank entry and extract the CDS.  Let me know if that's what you are
>looking for, and I'll post it here.
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>Dear All:
>        I have a file containing wanted genes' GeneIDs. How can I map
>this GeneID to its Fasta sequence (genomic sequence of the gene)?
>Although There is position and contig information in the gene2accession
>file... Is there any simple way? Thanks!
>Best Regards!
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