[Bioperl-l] cut_seq in Bio::Tools::RestrictionEnzyme

Staffa, Nick (NIH/NIEHS) [C] staffa at niehs.nih.gov
Thu Apr 6 10:25:09 EDT 2006

Please help me to understand the working of 
cut_seq in 
explicitly to extract the information contained in the return variable ---
some sort of reference to something. 
Documentation says
Title     : cut_seq
 Usage     : $re->cut_seq(<sequence object>);
 Purpose   : Conceptually cut or "digest" a DNA sequence with the given enzyme.
 Example   : $string = $re->cut_seq(<sequence object>); 
 Returns   : List of strings containing the resulting fragments.
 Argument  : Reference to a Bio::PrimarySeq.pm-derived object.

Eventually I want the length of the fragments.

Thank you.

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