[Bioperl-l] How to merge mulitple genbank records into one record

Haiming Wang hwang at uga.edu
Mon Apr 24 20:59:40 EDT 2006

Hi Roy,

Thanks a lot for pointing it out. This is exactly what I need and it 
works fine for me. Again, your helps are highly appreciated!


Roy Chaudhuri wrote:
>> The locations of the features refer to the individual 1000000 bp 
>> sub-sequences. For example, in the second genbank record 
>> 'scaffold:FUGU4:scaffold_1:1000001:2000000:1', the location of a gene
>> is 1760..4580. It is supposed to be 1001760..1004580 on the
>> chromosome.
> Hi Haiming,
> a couple of months ago I wrote a cat function for Bio::Seq objects that
> should do what you want-
> http://bioperl.org/pipermail/bioperl-l/2006-January/020675.html
> I think Heikki commited it to the Bio::SeqUtils version in cvs. The
> function will automatically adjust the coordinates so should work for
> your situation. The syntax is:
> Bio::SeqUtils->cat($firstseq, @otherseqs)
> Hope this helps.
> Roy.
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> Dr. Roy Chaudhuri
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