[Bioperl-l] install DBD::mysql, can't execute mysql_config

Torsten Seemann torsten.seemann at infotech.monash.edu.au
Fri Aug 4 00:04:48 EDT 2006

zhihua li,

> recently i've been trying to install the perl package of DBD::mysql, 
> 'cause I need this to use ensembl bioperl API.  according to the 
> installation file of DBD::mysql, I have to install mysql first. so i 
> download the binary mysql file and unpack it into /home/mysql.
> when i tried to do make file for DBD::mysql, it alwayse said: can't find 
> file mysql_config.  actually i found the file mysql_config under the 
> directory /home/mysql/bin, so i added the full path to the PATH 
> enviroment. yet the setup file of DBD::mysql still kept reporting that 
> it can't find mysql_config.
> does anyone have a clue about this?

this list is for solving problems with BioPerl, not MySQL or the MySQL DBD
driver. i assume you have read this document:


it gives good advice; most linux distributions have already packaged MySQL and
DBD-MySQL for you, eg. in Fedora/Redhat, a "yum install perl-DBD-mysql" would
probably do everything for you.


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