[Bioperl-l] Bio::Tools::pSW stop codon bug?

aaron.j.mackey at gsk.com aaron.j.mackey at gsk.com
Wed Aug 9 13:42:32 EDT 2006

> I personally don't use pSW much, but we at least can test what's 
> going on.  It may just be the way the local alignment behaves.  Maybe 
> the algorithm doesn't like end gaps!

by definition, local (as opposed to global) alignments don't have end 

> > orf19.6264.3_old/1-162 
> > orf19.6264.3/1-177 

yes, this looks to be an alignment bug in pSW; if you remove the *, does 
the alignment end naturally at the AL?

is there some reason you are wedded to pSW as opposed to, say, bl2seq 
(BLAST-based pairwise alignment) or ssearch (SmithWaterman pairwise 
alignment) (both also accessible via BioPerl's SearchIO->HSP->AlignI 


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