[Bioperl-l] SearchIO speed up

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Mon Aug 14 07:43:39 EDT 2006

Chris Fields wrote:
> Here's a couple of  suggestions to get around that if you want to get  
> the code out there for testing:
> Could this be CVS-tagged to an experimental bioperl branch instead?   
> It could be merged back to the main branch once everybody gets to try  
> it out, and you could commit changes to the branch (tests, scripts,  
> etc) along the way based on suggestions.  Think of this as a test- 
> drive for a new Bioperl release.

I have created branch 'branch-experimental' and committed the changes there.

Please test by checking out the experimental branch:
cvs co -d experimental -r branch-experimental bioperl-live

I'll probably end up writing a new pull/chunk parser for BLAST, but 
these changes will still speed up the other SearchIO modules. So test 
the speed-up on different kinds of report as well.

The experimental branch should be used for trying out major 
implementation changes that have the potential to break important and 
substantial parts of bioperl. Everything else should continue to be 
committed to HEAD until the 1.6 branch emerges (sometime next year).

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