[Bioperl-l] Write a fasta file with custom title line.

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Thu Aug 31 13:56:18 EDT 2006


I think you can do it by changing the preferred ID type to 'display ID' for
the SeqIO object, then changing the display ID to whatever you want:

use Bio::SeqIO;

my $seqin = Bio::SeqIO->new(-file     => shift,
                            -format => 'genbank',);

my $seqout = Bio::SeqIO->new(-fh => \*STDOUT,
                            -format => 'fasta');


my $ct = 1;

while (my $seq = $seqin->next_seq) {

This version appends the sequence description:

>foo1 5'UTR in Aspergillus niger icdA mRNA for NADP-dependent isocitrate
dehydrogenase precursor, complete cds.
>foo2 5'UTR in Fission yeast mRNA for cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV,
complete cds.

I personally think it would be better to add a 'custom' option so you could
add whatever you wanted without the description added in.  What did you have
in mind here?


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> I would like to construct  title lines for the fasta sequences I want to
> right to a file.
> I don't see in the documentation on-line for SeqIO or write_seq how to
> specify this.
> Please point the way.
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