[Bioperl-l] Script taxonomy2tree version 1.4 crashed on 110 species

Gabriel Valiente valiente at lsi.upc.edu
Thu Dec 7 03:25:27 EST 2006

The following popped out when input more the 110 species to  
taxonomy2tree script version 1.4:

         (in cleanup)
------------- EXCEPTION  -------------
MSG: Must supply a Bio::Taxon
STACK Bio::DB::Taxonomy::flatfile::ancestor Bio/DB/Taxonomy/ 
STACK Bio::Taxon::ancestor Bio/Taxon.pm:476
STACK Bio::Taxon::remove_Descendent Bio/Taxon.pm:703
STACK Bio::Tree::Node::ancestor Bio/Tree/Node.pm:346
STACK Bio::Taxon::ancestor Bio/Taxon.pm:466
STACK Bio::Tree::Tree::cleanup_tree Bio/Tree/Tree.pm:325
STACK Bio::Root::Root::DESTROY Bio/Root/Root.pm:409
STACK (eval) taxonomy2tree.pl:0
STACK toplevel taxonomy2tree.pl:0

Any clues? Thanks,


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