[Bioperl-l] problems installing bioperl

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Tue Dec 19 10:12:39 EST 2006

Stephan Roessner wrote:
> Dear support team,
> I installed bioperl 1.5.2_100 on a ferdora machine to be able to use
> gbrowse.
> The installation seems to work (except of the test failures) but the
> gbrowse installation tells me that BIO::pERL 1.0050021 is installed, but
> of course it requires 1.52.
> Is there a chance to find out what went wrong?

Nothing went wrong with the Bioperl installation (well, expect there 
shouldn't have been any test failures - can you post those please?). 
gbrowse simply defined its Bioperl requirement incorrectly. If you tell 
me exactly where you downloaded gbrowse from and how you went about 
installing it, and provide the exact, complete error message you got 
from it, I might be able help the authors fix the problem.

Or I'm pretty sure they can figure it our for themselves :)

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