[Bioperl-l] Bio::Tools::Glimmer for glimmer2/3

Andrew Stewart stewarta at nmrc.navy.mil
Tue Dec 19 13:49:57 EST 2006

I see that Bio::Tools::Glimmer documentation clearly states that this  
module is intended for use with GlimmerM (eukaryotic version) only.   
I am wondering if anyone can recall any talk about adopting  
Bio::Tools::Glimmer for Glimmer2 / Glimmer3 (prokaryotic version)?   
I've searched the list history with little luck other than someone  
else  asking a similar question.

If not, does anyone have any thoughts on how difficult it might be to  
implement support for glimmer2/3 result parsing?  Perhaps just a  
matter of editing the _parse_predictions method?

Andrew Stewart
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