[Bioperl-l] internet proxy

Dr. Christoph Gille christoph.gille at charite.de
Wed Jan 11 06:22:25 EST 2006

Hi Torsten,
Sorry, does not work yet. I am not working with PERL long enough to sort
this out.

In Sopma.pm is
    my $request = POST 'http://npsa-pbil.ibcp.fr/cgi-bin/secpred_sopma.pl',
        Content_Type => 'form-data',
            Content  => [title     => "",
                         notice    => $self->seq->seq,
                         ali_width => 70,
                         states    => $self->states,
                         threshold => $self->similarity_threshold ,
                         width     => $self->window_width,

Is POST a static method or is it an instance method ?

If I call $sopma->env_proxy; does the POST method know this ?
Does this method get a "self" reference of Sopma.pm ?

I would have expected that I need to set a static field in the
module that provides the POST method.

Thanks for your help


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