[Bioperl-l] OntologyTerm::as_text

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at gmx.net
Thu Jan 19 17:53:40 EST 2006

I changed the as_text() method of Bio::Annotation::OntologyTerm to not
use the identifier of the term anymore but instead append the
is_obsolete property.

The reason is that a term's identifier is optional (though strongly
recommended), and two terms (and therefore annotations) with the same
name and ontology but one with identifier and the other without are
considered equal annotations nonetheless.

Please let me know if this creates a problem for anybody. I also had
to fix a test in t/Annotation.t that assumed the identifier to be
included in as_text.


: Hilmar Lapp -:- San Diego, CA -:- hlapp at gmx dot net :

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