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Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Thu Jun 1 00:58:29 EDT 2006

Chris Fields wrote:
>> Is the doc/ tree being abandoned?
> Most docs have been moved over to the wiki, which generates nicely formatted
> docs for printing.

Oh. Well, if we've already jumped off that cliff I say we just go for it. Move everything to the wiki, nuke the empty CVS dirs, and call it good.

I hereby volunteer to strip the code out of bptutorial.pl and put it wherever. Where should I put it when I'm done? (examples/tutorial.pl?)

>> (What's the conceptual difference between a HOWTO and a tutorial?)
> I believe the reasoning is along these lines: HOWTO's are focused in on
> specific areas (graphics, trees, BLAST report parsing, etc) and thus usually
> has greater detail. The tutorials are more broadly based (sort of a general
> bioperl HOWTO).  The only exception is the Beginner's HOWTO, but even that
> has additional information over the tutorial (at least it did the last time
> I looked at the tutorial, which has been a while).

Huh. Sounds like a subtle line. I might suggest picking one name or the other and shuffling everything into one list on the wiki. 

>> It's hard for me to dive into a wiki lifestyle for the huge documentation
>> pillars since it can't ever get back into the distro... (can it?)  Small,
>> throw away stuff is great for the wiki, but huge, established, thoughtful,
>> long documents should be left in the distro? Present (and searchable) on
>> the wiki but static?
> Hence the problem we face now.  It is something we need to really look into
> before adding too much more to the wiki.  IMHO, I think we should have very
> little information directly in the distribution itself since it's already
> quite large.  It's almost as easy to have a bare-bones INSTALL file, which
> would point to the wiki for additional information.  But I may be very much
> alone in that train of thought ; >

If the doc/ tree has already moved then I guess I just joined the all-wiki camp. I assume it stores full revision history and we have backups in case somebody blows something up. Any system is better than multiple systems breeding inconsistencies. Keep the spammers/clueless out and/or quickly remove their nonsense and I'm pro-wiki. Revisions email reviewers?

>> Sick of my endless questions yet? -grin-
> Not really.

Give it a few more posts. It'll come. :)

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