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Mauricio Herrera Cuadra arareko at campus.iztacala.unam.mx
Thu Jun 1 12:36:07 EDT 2006

Jay Hannah wrote:
> Mauricio Herrera Cuadra wrote:
>> I've added a link in the left menu of the wiki. If you think it should 
>> point to the Tutorials page instead of the Bptutorial.pl page please let 
>> me know.
> Instead of all these competing links on the left, maybe we should have a master "documentation" page linked on the left cascading like so?
> Documentation  (linked on the left menu)
> - Quick start
> - FAQ
> - HOWTOs
> - Tutorials

Nice idea, I'll check with Jason if it's possible (in mediawiki) to 
create a new Documentation sidebar to hold this 4 sections.

> (What's the conceptual difference between a HOWTO and a tutorial?)

My concept is that Tutorials cover a wider aspect of BioPerl, contrary 
to the HOWTO's which focus on a certain topic.

> Why isn't the short "Current events" just listed on the top of the "News" page?

I don't know, maybe because it was important when Jason started the Wiki 
a couple of months ago. Do you think it should be erased from the sidebar?

> Sick of my endless questions yet? -grin-
> j

Of course not! :)


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