[Bioperl-l] How to submit new module?

Mauricio Herrera Cuadra arareko at campus.iztacala.unam.mx
Thu Jun 1 17:49:30 EDT 2006

Hi Emmanuel,

Take a look into the BioPerl FAQ:


It contains some info that will guide you through the appropriate steps 
depending on your situation.


Emmanuel Quevillon wrote:
> Hi,
> I just created some new parsers for TargetP, TandemRepeatFinder and
> RepeatMasker. These parsers are inheriting from Bio::Tools. I'd just
> like to know the differents steps procedure to submit them to BioPerl
> and to be integrated in the next release (I hope)?
> Is there any documentation about it?
> Thanks

arareko at campus.iztacala.unam.mx
Laboratorio de Genética
Unidad de Morfofisiología y Función
Facultad de Estudios Superiores Iztacala, UNAM

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