[Bioperl-l] ListSummaries for May 10-31.

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Tue Jun 6 20:41:08 EDT 2006

I could do something like that.  Right now I have a script that just grabs
the text from the web page:


and uses regexes and hashes to sort everything and make some sense of the
noise.  The resolution for a bug isn't on that page but in the linked
message so I would need to grab the link from HTML, go to that page, then
get the resolution if there is one, so at the moment I just check each one
(thanks for the bug hunt Jason!).  I usually have to do a little touching up
afterwards, such as fix links and such, but the script really saves on time.
As you can tell, it's been a busy month!

I'm (very slowly) updating the script to go through the mail list threads
recursively but haven't really gotten anywhere with that yet.  Benchwork has
intervened yet again!


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> > I have updated the ListSummaries to include BioSQL-l and Bioperl-guts-l
> > (appropriately enough, on 6-6-06).  I am trying out a new script which
> helps
> > with all the developer list noise; hope everybody likes it.
> I like the CVS summaries.
> For the bug summaries, would it make sense to categorise/sort by
> category/status eg. RESOLVED, WORKSFORME etc?
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