[Bioperl-l] Output a subset of FASTA data from a single large file

M Senthil Kumar senthil at cdfd.org.in
Fri Jun 9 18:21:11 EDT 2006

On Fri, 9 Jun 2006, simon andrews (BI) wrote:
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|> Dear all,
|> I am a total Bioperl newbie struggling to accomplish a
|> conceptually simple task.  I have a single large fasta file
|> containing about 200,000 probe sequences (from an Affymetrix
|> microarray), each of which looks like this:
|> >probe:HG_U95Av2:1138_at:395:301; Interrogation_Position=2631;
|> >Antisense;
|Unfortunately that's not Fasta format (which only has a single header
|line starting with a '>'.  I'd imagine that most programs which deal
|with fasta which read that entry would see it as two sequences, the
|first of which is empty.



I think the file is in fasta format and probably you might have seen it
differently because of your mail transport agent.


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