[Bioperl-l] YAPC anyone?

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Wed Jun 21 11:08:28 EDT 2006

Speaking of Perl6, there was interest here at one point in getting a
bioperl-experimental going, which at this point in the game should involve
Perl6.  If there were enough interest in it we could probably get it set up
via CVS and moving along.  We might need to split the Perl6 stuff from Perl5
experimental modules in some way to prevent confusion (bioperl6-live???),
though I'm not up to speed Perl6-wise so I'm not sure about namespace
collisions and so on.

bioperl-experimental would be, like the name implies, a sort of testing
ground for ideas (good and bad).  It seemed like it was going to take off a
few years ago but it lost steam, I'm guess.

As for your parsers, would you build them from the ground up (i.e. from
Bio::Root::Root on up)?


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> Sohel Merchant wrote:
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> >>Just curious if any other BioPerlers will be at the YAPC conference in
> >
> >
> >>Chicago next week ( <http://yapcchicago.org/> http://yapcchicago.org/).
> Not in chicago, but yesterday I got the OK from Biomax management to go
> the YAPC::Europe, http://www.birmingham2006.com/. So in the end of
> August I'll be in Birmingham. Yeah!
> Is anybody interested in writing parsers for Perl 6 there?
> CU, Bernhard
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